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Hi, my name is Cindy, I am the owner and operator of Shichons.net.  I am located by Aurora Missouri. Which is a small town about 45 minutes from Springfield or Joplin Missouri.

  I have loved and raised dogs for many years. Starting with Chihuahua's in 1993. My moms, dads and babies are family, raised in our home with no cages or kennels. Many even sleep in our beds with us.

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Shichons have many different names. We call them Fuzzy Wuzzy pups, because we think it fits them best. You can visit our main site at www.fuzzywuzzypups.com

Our shichons come in many sizes. But most of them end up being 10-13lbs full grown. Our shichon puppies come in many colors including Parti, red, black, apricot, cream, white, and brown.

We offer shichons to families with kids or with out kids. Shichons are a breed that long to be with their human family. They love to go by by, and lay to watch TV with you. Shichons want to be part of the family and involved in what ever the family is doing.












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