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Shichons Information

Shichons are produced by cross breeding a Shih Tzu and a Bichon frise. When they are grown they can look like a teddy bear. That is why some breeders call them teddy bear puppies. But please note not all shichons look like teddy bear puppies when they are grown. Some breeders call their shichons zuchons, or rag doll puppies and we call them Fuzzy Wuzzy pups. We gave them this name because their hair yes they have hair and NOT fur gets long and wavy and fuzzy. Their hair tends to be really soft. When I look at our wonderful babies I get a fuzzy loving feeling.

Much of the information you need, though, should come from the shichon breeder you choose.  Here at shichons.net, we stand ready to answer any and all questions regarding your puppy, our standards.

Our puppies also come with a 5 year written health warranty,  In addition, we provide a 1 year extended warranty.

Our shichon puppies are very smart and tend to learn very fast. Feel free to contact any of our past puppy parents from our adopted page by clicking here.